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PARADISO poltrona, sofa and BOLONIA tabl


Manufacturers since 1964
be mediterranean

About the Brand

iSiMAR is proud and passionate of their industrial origins and Mediterranean roots. They have been working with the same pure, natural, and environmentally friendly materials with care and knowledge for the last 55 years; mainly with galvanized rod, but also aluminum and galvanized steel in sheet and tube. Their product has always been exposed to humid and highly corrosive environments, working in industries such as industrial refrigerators. Therefore they have acquired during decades the experience and knowledge necessary to live in outdoor environments.

Almost ten years ago, they decided to expand their industrial plan into creating contemporary exterior furniture designs. These designs are unique in their visual lightness and carefulness towards the architectural spaces that rod provides.

They conceive each collection, together with architects and designers, with the purpose of producing pieces that inspire professionals in creating clean, modern, comfortable and functional spaces.


ISiMAR products result from the combination of these designs, the use of natural materials, industrial expertise (which gather production technologies with craftwork acquired over decades) and roots of a healthy, genuine, Mediterranean country that likes to share memoirs and life experiences.

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